Music Education is the Core to all forms of Music.For students to progress with their musical lessons they need to be taught the basics.

TL Vocal Arts Studio takes each student right from the beginning of Musical Theory ,History & Vocal Arts. This is  so that they  know what is on the page of music in front of them. You can never be too young to learn this skill nor can you be too old!


The following are the subjects taught for  Youth and Adult Instruction


Group Voice Lessons
  • Learn to Sing   Youth 12-16 years old (Levels I to V), Adult 17+(Levels I to V)
  • The Singing Journey I & II 12 to 14 years old ( Levels I to III )  each group will be brought together according to age to enrich the positive peer experience. A step-by-step approach will be taken , so that FUN is always present even when the objective of  learning how to sing properly is happening. (15 weeks each)

Solo Voice Lessons any style 
  • Learn to Sing  12 years old  to  Adult ( Levels III to VII each student will play a large role in deciding how their "Voice Lesson" should be constructed. Early on, during the first weeks of lessons, key milestones in vocal technique will  be taught and the student will need to meet  theses in order to have a firm basic understanding of healthy singing practices. Once this has been achieved then music styles can be explored. Being more confident in your abilities as a vocalist should make you want to sing more everyday!!!


Music Reading : Basic , Conservatory Canada 1-6 , Royal Conservatory  of Music 1-8

Music History : Popular Culture, Conservatory Canada 5-7, Royal Conservatory of Music 

     National Professional Development :
    • Conservatory Canada Exams
    • Royal Conservatory of Music Exams
    • College/University Entrance Preparation


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    Development Programs
    Red Curtain Training

    • NEW for Summer 2020!  Adult Musical Theatre(5 week) Training Program.
    • This Program run from Mid-July to Mid- August, and helps the Adult Beginner (0 to 4yrs experience ) understand the Vocal demands and techniques required to successfully Audition for and Perform in Community Musical Theatre Productions.

    • The *Singing* Actor/Dancer Program (for those who aspire to work in Musical Theatre)
      Okay, so YOU can ACT worthy of an “OSCAR” or YOU can DANCE like a finalist on “So You Think You Can Dance”,but CAN YOU SING ?

    If you want to “Knock them DEAD” with your “Single or Double THREAT” Package you need this program to turn it up an notch to become a “TRIPLE THREAT” !

    • Vocal Performance Master Courses -Power Performance 100 ( this is for all styles and experience of Singer,even you "Karaoke” professionals). Bring your Vocal Performance on Stage to another level! Learn how to protect your voice ,work as a team member in any band and make that "oh so important " connection with your fans! Email  for more information on this master course TODAY!

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