• The Shining Stars (ages 6-11) Bilingual

Are you a Kid who loves to Sing, Create an Imaginary World and then put a Show on for Mom & Dad ?  GREAT !

Then you are perfect for The Shining Stars - Community Music Program. This music program prepares kids ages 6-11 for

ALL of TL Vocal Arts Studios Foundation Courses which include The Singing Journey  and  Solo Voice Lessons and the Development Courses which lead to the Red Curtain Training : The "Singing" Actor/Dancer course.

The Shining Stars teaches you how to Sing ,Move and Create for 1 hour every week. The program is presented over 10/12 weeks with a "Student Showcase" on the last week of class.

Come join our exciting program today ! 

Note: A minimum of 6 students  must enroll to run the program.

  •  The Shockwaves (ages 13-18) 

Welcome to a NEW type of Group Music! This Energized, Exciting and Fun Vocal Group trains you to work in close harmony as a team while learning how to produce some of the Modern Vocal techniques like "Beat Box", "Vocal Percussion" and "Power  A cappella" . To join The Shockwaves you must be a strong vocalist with an ability to" read" basic music notation and a willingness to learn Vocal Harmony. Popular Music from the late 20th and early 21st Centuries will be explored and performed.(25 weeks )

Note: a minimum of 8 students registered for this group  is required to avoid cancellation

  • Community Sing-a-long (ages 16+)- Yellowknife only

 Welcome to the community Sing-a-long group.This group allows  Adults to embrace music as part of a unique community of like minded music lovers.Through group discussions, listening labs and exploration of radio's "Top 40" music history ,the members of Community Sing-a-long will help make the choice of music selections and performance possible. Open your mind, open your ears and SING with our Community Sing-a-long group Today ! (25weeks)

Note: a minimum of 4 students registered for this group weekly is required to avoid cancellation.

  • Sudden Impact- Mixed A cappella (ages 18-35 ) Belleville only

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